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18 Dec

When I was growing up I never loved dogs, but now that I have a family and children, they insisted that I buy them a dog.Nothing makes me happier to get home and the first thing I get are greetings from my dog. I have learnt that since I bought a dog my children are having the best moments of their life,  they have found a great companion and they are always out there playing, you can see them hug the dog, play with the tail and ears and they are always running after the dog.

Our dog has also made my kids responsible because I have taught them how to clean the cage groom the dog and also feed it. We also feel safer, our dog protects us from strangers and also from has also taught us how to love, dogs have the most unconditional love even if you were mad at them they will still come running to you when you get home.

Owning a pet can also improve our immune system, kids who live with dogs experience few infections if you have a kid with learning difficulties having a pet will help improve this disorders because pets are friendly and can respond to them and this improves their mental health.

After owning a dog it is important for you to learn how to take care of your dog.paw castle is a dog blog that will give you the best advice on how to treat your dog. Dogs just like humans have emotions, there are times when they show their affection towards you and it's important to reciprocate, they will wag the tail, jump on you when you come home, lick you all over and even follow you around.A happy dog is usually in a playful mood and full of energy, unlike a stressed dog. When your dog is stressed you should recognize the signs very fast. The dog will be hostile, they will lie low and also tremble, learn more at PawCastle!

Dogs also get bored staying at home all day, therefore it is important to take your dog to a doggy daycare whereby they will learn how to play and interact with other dogs. In a doggy care facility, they will mingle and play with other dogs.

PawCastle will provide the latest dog news, advice, and guides, you will get to know the best products for your dog like how to build and clean your pet house and how to train your dog to use the pet house.they will also give you grooming tips for your dog.

Take good care of your dog and he will be your best friend.

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